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The Eradicator Auto-Turret or EAT for short, is a deployable object that fires bullets at anything with Typhon DNA.

A Turret can be "fortified" by spending Spare Parts, which allows it to take double the damage before breaking. Requires Repair III.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Turrets may fire upon the player if the player has installed enough Typhon Abilities. This behavior can be corrected on individual Turrets by hacking them, which requires Hacking II.

Description[edit | edit source]

Excerpt from the Engineering Database[edit | edit source]

  • Testing log #1008-010435
  • Product: Eradicator Auto-Turret v0.7.6
  • Observer: Franklin Goode

The accuracy grade for this newest turret iteration is a significant improvement over the last generation, with a marked 17% increase. The jamming issues when transitioning to portability mode also seem to have been resolved. Stability is still shit.

The Psychoscope element works well, but I recommend tuning the sensitivity down somewhat. I've received complaints from Psychotronics that some of the prototypes we sent down for testing are a little high-strung.

Morgan's Notes[edit | edit source]

Easy to upgrade and repair. Base model is weak against some of the larger Typhon. Be careful around them with Neuromods. Does not like any Typhon material around.