Thermal Phantom

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Thermal Phantom
Scientific Name
Typhon Anthrophantasmus Psychothermal
Scannable Powers
Total Scans

A Thermal Phantom is a subspecies of Typhon. It is a specialized version of the Phantom that can create flame traps.


Excerpt from Psychotronics Database

  • Common Name: Thermal Phantom
  • Scientific Name: Typhon anthrophantasmus psychothermal

It is unclear at this time what prompts a Weaver to invest additional resources in the creation of these more powerful phantoms. However, testing has revealed these phantom specimens are much more durable and more dangerous than their weaker cousins.


As its name implies, this phantom manipulates thermal radiation. Infrared analysis showed it was able to radiate lethal levels of infrared energy as a defensive measure when threatened. Its most dangerous ability however, is the spontaneous eruption of superheated plasma from a distance. Range is uncertain due to the small scale of the enclosures.

Morgan's Notes

Running up to this thing is a bad idea. You'll burn. Appears to have an interaction with the Mimics - can temporarily charge them with the same thermal radiation. Flaming Mimics. Great.


  • Emits a burning effect near itself
  • Creates pillars of fire
  • Charges mimics with thermal radiation giving them fire damage