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Scannable Powers
Total Scans

The Technopath is a species of Typhon. It can interrupt mechanical components such as Turrets and Operators.


Excerpt from The Engineering Database:

It took forever, but repairs to Arboretum airlock doors are finally complete. I think someone's been tampering with the electronics up there. When I popped open the control box, the whole thing looked like someone had been at it with a soldering iron, just a bunch of crossed wires - stuff that's not even supposed to be in there. The programming was all wonky, too. I had to wipe it clean and reinstall.

I'll have to bring up an Engineering Operator to clean up the rest of this. I'm filing a report with security about this, too. We have enough junk malfunctioning around here.

Morgan's Notes

Takes control of nearby tech. If this thing gets ahold of turrets, you're dead. Shrugs off GLOO. Prefers to keep away from enemies. Stun or Nullwave it to get in close.