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A Recycler.

Recyclers are large machines used to convert unwanted loot into Materials for use in Fabricators.

Junk items are solely useful for recycling, and have no other purpose; but nearly any item the player has picked up can be fed into a Recycler and converted to raw Material, including even valuable items like advanced weapons.

Recycling as often as possible is a good way to consolidate unneeded loot and free up inventory space, as all raw Material stacks into only 4 inventory slots (one for each Material type:


















To Recycle items:

  • Open the Recycler bin lid near the bottom-left of the machine. This displays your inventory, along with the Recycler's inventory on the right.
  • Transfer the items you wish to recycle (by dragging or via the transfer key/button), then exit the inventory.
  • Walk to the Recycler's control screen and press Start.
  • Material cubes will be dispensed into a bin near the lower-right of the machine, where they can be picked up.

Once the Recycler bin lid is opened, holding the transfer key (default: F on PC) will automatically transfer all junk items in the player's inventory to the Recycler in one step.