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Pioneers of Space Industry

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Pioneers of Space Industry
Pioneers of Space Industry.png
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Pioneers of Space Industry is one of the Notes in the game Prey.


[Excerpt from Chapter 11 of Pioneers of Space Industry, by Thaylen Cross]
Working aboard a space station like Talos is comparable to working on Earth. Employees tend to forget that they are in space and adapt very well.
By contrast, a trove of psychological and behavioral data has been compiled by a decade-long study of Pytheas employees. The Pytheas facility sits deep in a crater on the Lunar pole, permanently shadowed and surrounded by kilometers of ice. Beneath Pytheas is a vast network of cramped tunnels where helium-3, hydrogen and platinum are mined.
This is a dark, cold, and often terrifying workplace, cut off from the warm glow of Earth, which extracts a heavy and often fatal toll on the crew.

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