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Morgan Yu
Vital Signs
Vice President of TranStar

Morgan Yu is the protagonist of Prey'

History[edit | edit source]

Born in 2005, Morgan Yu is the child of William and Cathrine Yu, and sibling of Alex Yu. Becoming a Neuroscientist and joining TranStar, Morgan was sent to Talos I in 2032 where the led research into what would become the Psychoscope, One of the most important pieces of technology aboard the station next to Neuromods. Here they also began a relationship with fellow crewman Mikhaila Ilyushin up until the point where it was revealed that she had falsified her medical records to hide a serious condition known a paraplexis. However after revealing this to Alex, And knowing the risk her condition posed, they decided to let her stay on the station but the relationship ended. Around this time research into Typhon based Neuromods had started, with Morgan volunteering to be the test subject. However after prolonged study, Morgan began to exhibit personality drift, Choosing different answers to the questions after every reset, and even building multiple different Operators due to their paranoia of something wrong happening with the typhon or the neuromod testing so that they would be able to escape testing.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The player will be able to choose Morgan's gender.

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