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Ready for your first real view of the world?
~ January to Morgan Yu
Vital Signs

January is an Operator used by Morgan Yu as a backup for his lost memory.

History[edit | edit source]

January represents the desires of Morgan Yu as of January 2035. Morgan created it as a fail-safe in the event that either the Typhon break containment or Alex Yu keeps Morgan trapped in the simulation, both of which come to pass. Acting on the orders it was given, January sabotaged the test by switching in the Neuromod to be used on Morgan with a blank one so that Morgan would retain their memory upon the Neuromod's extraction.

Prey (2017)[edit | edit source]

After Morgan wakes following the sabotaged test, January contacts them to tell them to escape their "apartment". After Morgan realizes that they are actually in the Neuromod Division's simulation lab, January guides them back to their office in order to watch a video at their workstation, along the way giving some information about the situation aboard Talos I. However, halfway through the video, Alex cuts off access to the Looking Glass servers, so January sends Morgan to Dr. Calvino's office in the Hardware Labs to restore the connection so that they may finish watching the video. Once this has been accomplished and Morgan has been informed that they must destroy Talos I to prevent any Typhon material from reaching Earth, January comes out of the Operator Dispenser to continue to guide Morgan on their mission.

Trivia[edit | edit source]