Greater Mimic

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Greater Mimic
Scannable Powers
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The Greater Mimic is a stronger version of the regular Mimic. It can take the form of Turrets and Operators.


Excerpt from Project Axiom Archive

  • Observation log #2042-052465
  • Researcher: Louis Sullivan

A preliminary observation reveals that specimen 14 is moderately larger than any of the other Mimic specimens collected from the Kletka incident, but a far more fascinating aspect is what appears to be its advanced mimicry ability. Specimen 14 has on numerous occasions demonstrated the capability of reproducing objects whose size and complexity far outstrip the abilities of any of the other specimens. What's more, many of these reproductions appear to be fully functioning.

Morgan's Notes

Can mimic turrets and Operators. Will attempt to go directly for face. Stay away and immobilize with GLOO.