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A Fabricator.

Fabricators are large machines that produce usable items from raw Materials. Several Fabricators are found in various locations aboard Talos I. Morgan Yu's Office contains one, along with a Recycler for producing the Materials it requires from the player's looted items.


Fabricator screen.

To use a Fabricator:

  • Press the Start button on the machine's control screen.
  • Click the item you'd like to fabricate.
  • Click the button marked Place crafting ingredients in slots.
  • Materials from the recipe available in your inventory are automatically fed into the Fabricator's slots.
  • If you had enough of each Material required, the button turns green and reads Create.
  • Click the button. The fabricated item is dispensed into a tray at the middle of the machine.

If after placing the ingredients you decide against fabricating an item, your Material cubes can be retrieved from the slots, so long as you did not yet press the Create button.

Fabrication Plans

In order to unlock production of a particular item, that item's Fabrication Plan must first be acquired. Acquiring certain Fabrication Plans are part of mission objectives, while some are acquired as random loot.

Available Fabrication Plans: