Etheric Phantom

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Etheric Phantom
Scientific Name
Typhon Antrhophantasmus Psychoetheric


Scannable Powers
Total Scans

An Etheric Phantom is a subspecies of Typhon. It is a specialized version of the Phantom that can project a duplicate of itself that moves and attacks independently.


Excerpt from Psychotronics Database

  • Common Name: Etheric Phantom
  • Scientific Name: Typhon anthrophantasmus psychoetheric

It is unclear at this time what prompts a Weaver to invest additional resources in the creation of these more powerful phantoms. However, testing has revealed that these Phantom specimens are much more durable and more dangerous than their weaker cousins.


Of particular note is the Etheric Phantom, which produces a particulate cloud that is highly toxic and disruptive to normal matter. The Phantom is capable of manipulating this particulate to create a duplicate of itself for short periods as demonstrated in test log #1629-0231.

Please note that in addition to standard purge procedures required for Phantom study, any enclosure used to house an Etheric Phantom must have its atmosphere cycled.

Morgan's Notes

Prefers close combat. Given the chance, will split into a weaker duplicate. GLOO down or use Nullwave to stop this. Try to attack from a distance. Avoid ether clouds.


  • Duplicates a weaker version of itself in combat
  • Leaves a temporary etheric puddle on death that does damage