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Artemis Golden Pistol

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Artemis Golden Pistol
Artemis Golden Pistol.jpg
Damage Type
9mm Bullets
Max Ammo Stack
Stats ( Base & Upgrades )
  • Firepower
  • 10  •  11  •  12
  • Magazine Capacity
  • 15  •  17  •  20  •  23  •  27
  • Range
  • 15m  •  20m  •  25m  •  30m  •  35m
  • Accuracy
  • 60%  •  65%  •  70%  •  75%  •  80%  •  85%

The Artemis Golden Pistol is a Weapon in Prey. It is a more powerful version of the standard Silenced Pistol.

It is found in a safe in J. Marks' cabin, located in Crew Quarters. Hacking the safe requires Hacking IV.


A gold-plated trophy pistol once belonging to the four-time world champion sports shooter, Seleth Rain. The champion visited Talos I to capture a connectome of his brain in the Neuromod Division. During his visit, he was moved to present the pistol as a gift to Captain Jada Marks.